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Before investing for Yourself be honest with Yourself

Think again! On what basis are you making the decision to invest in a certain Mutual Fund scheme. Are you really aware of all the facts of the scheme? Investing your hard earned money with the Do It Yourself(DIY) approach may not pay off as you expect.


Not all mutual funds give positive returns

Investing in a Mutual Fund scheme just by looking at the past returns may not be the best investment strategy. Realize that there are hundreds of schemes out there and not every one of them performs well. If you just want a mere 5% return, why invest in mutual funds and take the equity risk? Invest in Fixed Deposits instead.


BiswasCapital enhances your financial well-being with custom-suited solid advice

We help you make better investment decisions that help you achieve your goals. And in the process, we also explain you the 'WHY' of the investment, so you feel safe, confident and watch your money grow without any stress.

Jaydeep Biswas

Many people still follow blind tips and advice from unknown sources of information such as advertising, SMS tips, recommendations on forums, etc. BiswasCapital is here to help you make informed decisions so that you are the one who is in charge of your investments.

Jaydeep Biswas - Mutual Fund Distributor

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